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Mini Cutting Board with Epoxy Embellishment #250

Mini Cutting Board with Epoxy Embellishment #250

The rectangle shaped cutting board with oval shaped handle is made from native and exotic hardwoods. This cutting board was inspired by Tyler's mom, Natalie's favorite go-to cutting board for quick and easy cutting.  The wood and workmanship are exquisite. It is very solid, without being too heavy to lift. This rectangle measures 5 3/4"x 8 3/4" with each board being unique and none exactly the same!


Limited boards are in stock. However, boards can be made to order or personalize. This can take up to 2 additional weeks prior to shipping for delivery. Each piece is uniquely made by Tyler and may contain variation of wood colors. This product is finished with Odie’s oil, which is a food safe solvent free non-toxic wood finish and is not dish washer safe; hand wash only.

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