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Tyler Junior #452

Tyler Junior #452

The "Tyler" Junior is a large, heavy-board designed to stay out and available for serious chopping and carving.


The Tyler Junior is designed to get the job done on a masterful heavy-duty block. Created to protect your knives and allow for a generous workspace at the same time, it is sure to please. This is a large standard cutting board.


Measures approximately 12" x 22" x 1 1/4" with engraved juice groove and handles for added stability. Limited boards are in stock. However, boards can be made to order or personalize. This can take up to 2 additional weeks prior to shipping for delivery. Each piece is uniquely made by Tyler and may contain variation of wood colors. This product is finished with Odie’s oil, which is a food safe solvent free non-toxic wood finish and is not dish washer safe, hand wash only.

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